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Health Affairs: Surprise Billing: Choose Patients Over Profit

 HCCI's research on median in-network rates was recently featured in a Health Affairs blog post on surprise billing. From the blog: "Most importantly, Congress should establish a locally based benchmark to determine the amount an insurer would be required to pay a provider for a surprise bill. Ideally, we'd set the benchmark at some multiple (for example 125 percent) of what Medicare pays to ...
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NPR: $2,733 To Treat Iron-Poor Blood? Iron Infusions For Anemia Under Scrutiny

HCCI recently provided cost information  for iron infusions for an NPR article. From the article: "An analysis of private insurance claims conducted by the Health Care Cost Institute, an independent research group funded by insurers, found that in 2017, private health plans paid $4,316 per visit, on average, if a patient received Injectafer infusions. Feraheme, the next most expensive in...
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The Wall Street Journal: Health-Care Spending Soars in New York State

HCCI's  report with the New York State Health Foundation on health care spending in New York was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article. From the article:  "Health-care spending on New Yorkers who get insurance through work is higher and rising more sharply than the national average. The main reason, according to a new report, is price growth. Rising prices of doctor visits, ...
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The Economist: Will Transparent Pricing Make America's Health Care Cheaper

 HCCI's Healthy Marketplace Index research on prices for specific services was recently featured in an article in the Economist  Will transparent pricing make America‚Äôs health care cheaper? - Never a bargain

Los Angeles Times: Soaring Insurance Deductibles and High Drug Prices Hit Sick Americans with a 'Double Whammy'

HCCI's research on consumer-directed health plans was recently used to support the second in a series of articles by the Los Angeles Times on high-deductible health plans. From the article:   "New research conducted in partnership with The Times for this project also shows that sick Americans use less healthcare when their plan requires them to pay more out of pocket. Analyzing data from...
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