Society of Actuaries
Health Care Cost and Utilization Data Extract

soa data chart screenshot

In collaboration with the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), The Society of Actuaries has put together a data extract for practicing health actuaries to better understand historical trends and cost disruptors. This data extract contains commercial health care cost and utilization metrics broken out by various service categories and demographics. This data spans from 2009–2015. Commercial policies include Individual, Small Group and Large Group Insured and Self Insured Major Medical policies. They exclude Stoploss, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Supplemental policies.

How to use the interactive table:

  • The Society of Actuaries’ Health Care Cost and Utilization Data Extract can be downloaded in full here or explored using the interactive tool below.
  • Users may select which years of data and measures they would like to view in the table using the filters on the right-hand side of the tool.
  • The level of service category detail displayed can be changed by hovering on the service and sub-service category column headers and clicking the + or – icons to show more or less detail.
  • Users can select the commercial market segment they wish to view – Large Group, Small Group, or Individual. Different market segments should not be combined when performing analyses using this data.
  • Users can also select to display subsets of the data based on member demographics – gender, age, and state of residence. Due to minimum reporting standards the state and age bracket detail cannot be combined.
  • The data were limited to a subset of 21 states that include AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, TX, UT, VA, and WI. The all states selection represents data from all 21 included states and does not represent a national estimate.


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