The 2014 Diabetes Health Care Cost and Utilization Report examines how much is spent on health care for adults and children with diabetes, where those dollars are spent, and how that compares to people without diabetes. It is based on the health care claims of more than 40 million Americans younger than 65 covered by employer-sponsored insurance from 2012 to 2014.

Key Takeaways

  • Per capita spending on people with diabetes reached $16,021 in 2014, an $897 increase from the year before, and over $10,000 higher than per capita spending for people without diabetes.
  • Each year of the study period, people with diabetes spent two and a half times more out-of-pocket than those without diabetes.
  • Use of cardiovascular medication was seven times higher for people with diabetes.
  • Young adults (ages 19-25) with diabetes had four times more hospital admissions for mental health and substance use than did young adults without diabetes.